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Personal Projects

As software development is my hobby, I am not just coding at work. I am coding at the weekends, in the evenings, at night, or even in the morning. There is nothing better than sitting in front of my MacBook 👩🏻‍💻, sipping some nice coffee ☕️, listening to some bassy hip hop beats 🎧, and forgetting the world around me 😌

Of course, when coding this much, some nice projects get to see the light of day. So let me introduce my personal projects to you.

Math Experts

Start of project: 2023 Used technologies: React Native

Math Experts is a Math app mainly for kids. Its goal is to help get better at the basic arithmetic operations. The app offers a single and a two-player mode. It is available for iOS and Android.

Monster Pets

Start of project: 2022 Used technologies: Vue 3, Vue I18n, Pinia, SCSS, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Authentication

Monster Pets is a web app where one can have a virtual pet. The app is available under

Yet Another Insane Notes App

Start of project: 2021 Used technologies: Vue 3, Vuex, SCSS, Firebase Cloud Firestore, Firebase Authentication

At some point every developer works on a notes app and so did I, too. The app is available under and as stated by its name: It's insane 😬

The High Five Network

Start of project: 2021 Used technologies: Vue 2, Pinia, SCSS, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Storage, Firebase Authentication

When Corona changed the world in 2020, a lot of people were alone. Negativity and loneliness arose. I created this project to spread some positivity. People can register at to post about their achievements. Other registered users can give a high five for their achievements.

Start of project: 2020 Used technologies: NuxtJS, Tailwind CSS, Netlify

I started with a Wordpress blog. At some point I wanted to create my website on my own and I am pretty happy with it. Here, I am blogging about tech topics when I feel like it.

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