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New motto: Authentic Programming

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Transparency, honesty and authenticity are very important to me. In this article, I want to share why I switched my motto from 'Dedicated to (prospective) Junior Developers' to 'Authentic Programming'.

Dedicated to (prospective) Junior Developers

My start into my professional life as a software developer was not easy. I was very good at university but I only knew Databases as well as the basics of Java and JUnit. There were so many things I did not know when starting my professional life, e.g. JSON, REST, Spring Boot, CSS, JavaScript, Git, and what not. In the beginning, even the Jira board was a mystery to me.

I am a very ambitious person and did not want to give up. I learned what I needed to know on the job and in my spare time. I thought that a lot of software developers might have these problems in the beginning and started my blog in 2018. I figured, I could start teaching what is necessary to know in the beginning of the professional life as a software developer.

Authentic Programming

What I like doing in my free time is coding my own projects. From now on, I want to document my learning journey: I want to record myself while coding, upload the whole coding session to YouTube, and post my learnings here in this blog as well. Tutorials on tools, techniques, and technologies will still be published here and on YouTube. In the end, this blog somehow is still dedicated to (prospective) Junior Developers but in a more authentic (real programming) way.

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