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How to abort a merge | The Git Reset Command | The Git Merge Command

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While working with Git you will merge branches into the branch you are currently working on. When doing so, merge conflicts can occur. It might happen that you start a merge, merge conflicts occur and that you want to abort the merge, e.g. because there are a lot of conflicts but you don’t have the time to fix them right now or because you don’t know how to solve the conflicts correctly. Luckily, aborting a merge is possible in Git.

Before starting a merge, you should commit or stash your latest changes because it is possible that Git won’t be able to restore your pre-merge state completely in case that you want to abort a merge. When you started merging and merge conflicts occur, you can abort the merge (i.e. reset only changes caused by the merge) by using the Git reset command with the –-merge option:

git reset --merge ORIG_HEAD

You could also use the Git merge command with the –-abort option:

git merge --abort

Both commands will "abort the current conflict resolution process, and try to reconstruct the pre-merge state".

I created a GitHub repository where you can try out the mentioned commands in a safe environment.


For full reference see Git reset documentation and Git merge documentation.

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