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November 2023

A thinking bubble
November 16, 2023

Yesterday evening, I opened the YouTube Studio app since a long time. It felt good to see that I have 20 subscribers. I checked out some videos I created about vim. They are really bad but I still felt proud about them. I think I want to continue YouTube on the side. On the side of my side project of becoming a successful app developer while working a full-time job as a software developer πŸ˜… It's some additional work but I think it's worth it. I benefit from it by learning new things and going beyond my comfort zone and others can benefit by getting some knowledge from my blog posts and videos.

The logo of Math Experts
November 14, 2023

Today, I finished taking all screenshots for all languages for Android devices. Version 2.0 of Math Experts has been released now 🀩

The logo of Math Experts
November 13, 2023

Today, I started taking screenshots of the Android version of Math Experts. I said "I started"... I figured out that the new settings screen did not look good on the 7'' device, I used to take screenshots on. I fixed the issue but could not finish taking all necessary screenshots.

The logo of Math Experts
November 12, 2023

Today, I finally managed to make the Math Expert screenshots for iOS. I added them to App Store Connect, added the release notes, and release Math Experts version 2.0 πŸ₯³

The logo of Math Experts
November 11, 2023

Today, I sat down again with some music and went through the tidious task of taking screenshots for 5 device sizes and 5 languages. When I was done, I was pretty happy with the results. I wanted to add the screenshots to the app description but then App Store Connect told me that the screenshots do not fit the expected size. Noooooooo 😱

What did I do wrong? I just looked at the little icons which are displayed in App Store Connect and started one simulator with a screen like this but did not have in mind that the device I chose might have another display size.

The icons of the different iPhone display sizes shown in App Store Connect

I tried some solutions to resize the screenshots to the needed size but was not successful.

Now I figured out which devices I need to use to get the necessary screen size:

  • 6.7'': iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • 6.5'': iPhone 14 Plus
  • 5.5'': iPhone 8 Plus

I guess I need to continue with this tomorrow again. Yay! 😬

The logo of Math Experts
November 10, 2023

Today, I planned to create screenshots of version 2.0 of Math Experts. Since the UI changed and improved a lot, I thought the screenshots should be updated. So I sat down with some music and started creating the screenshots. When I came to the French version, I noticed that the translation for "practice mode" is longer than for the other languages. The text of this button is wrapped and was not centered anymore and so I fixed this. Then, I noticed that I forgot to add the translation for "back" for Portuguese and added this as well. After that, I noticed that the translations for high score for French, Spanish, and Portuguese were not that good and I changed them as well. Noticing all these little details took some time and slowed down taking screenshots a lot. So I just took a few and have to do a lot tomorrow (all languages for 3 iPhone and 2 iPad sizes).

The logo of Math Experts
November 08, 2023

Today, I have been aligning some styling in the settings view. This was a quite tidious task because I had to take a close look that everything is aligned properly and that it looks good. It took some time and I am happy with the result.

After that I still felt like doing something and had a look at an issue which bothered me for a while. I was not able to localize the back button label in iOS. When displaying a back button label on iOS, the title of the previos screen is shown. I disabled the header of the main screen because it is not needed for my app. This lead to the situation that I was not able to set a custom header title which could be used when being in the settings view for example. The screen always dispalyed "back". As my app is localized, I wanted it to display "back" in the language of the user. So I googled the issue again and this time found an issue in the react-native-screens GitHub repository. The issue was just slightly related but in the thread the version with a fix for the reported issue was mentioned. I decided to give it a try and to upgrade my react-native-screens and @react-navigation/native-stack. And it worked!!! I am so happy to have a localized back label now 🀩

The logo of Math Experts
November 07, 2023

Recently, I was pretty sure I identified a memory leak which has been introduced with adding some numbers to the menu screen. Today I investigated the issue. It turned out that I have an array of numbers and animations which get bigger and bigger because numbers and animations which are not needed anymore are not removed. I thought I would remove unused elements from the array but the code didn't work as expected, so I changed the code such that numbers and animations are removed from the arrays when animations are done. From what I can see now, the memory leak seems to be fixed.

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