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Becoming a Software Developer might seem impossible when you are at the beginning of your journey. No matter whether you just graduated or are a newcomer to the whole topic of computer science and software development. There are so many questions: Which programming language should I start with? Is learning one programming language enough? Is there more needed to become a Software Developer than learning a programming language? What else do I need to know? Where do I start?

Patricia Sauer - Software Developer

My name is Patricia. I am a Software Developer from Berlin, Germany. I graduated as the best of my year, got a lot of theoretical knowledge but had almost no practical experience. Besides studying, I worked on some personal side projects and learned a lot from these projects. Nevertheless, the gained knowledge was not enough to start working as a software developer after graduating, smoothly. I had to learn the industry standard the hard way. When I started my first job I did not know Git, CI/CD, how to do Code Reviews, Spring Boot, REST, APIs in general, mocking, Scrum, and even the Jira board overwhelmed me in the beginning 😂

I can laugh about it now but in the beginning it was very frustrating. My ambition spurred me on. I learned all the needed stuff during my working hours and in my spare time. Soon, I was a valuable member of the team.

With my blog, I want to help (prospective) Junior Developers learn the relevant stuff. I will cover the basic skills which are necessary to land a job or to start working in your first job. I could learn it, so you can do it too!

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